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Certified XML Developer Learning Resources

Learning Resources


  • XML Standards and terms
  • Elements, Attributes and values
  • XSLT Style Sheet and root template
  • Looping and Conditional processing
  • Create and Apply templates
Patterns and Expressions
  • XPath for accessing and selecting nodes
  • Conditional Selection
  • Absolute Location paths and descendant selection
XPath Functions
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • Number and String manipulation
Formatting Objects
  • Create and Style blocks
  • Images and Page templates
  • Page layout
  • Defining Elements
  • Defining Attributes
DTD Entities
  • General Entities
  • Parameter Entities
  • External DTD
  • Internal DTD
XML Schema
  • XML Schema and it’s definition
  • Annotating Schemas
Simple Type Element
  • Text, date, time and number simple type
  • Custom Simple type
  • List and Union type
Complex Type Element
  • Text Only complex type
  • Element Only
  • Empty Element
  • Mixed Content
  • Defining Namespaces
  • Namespace Prefix
  • XML and Databases
  • XQuery, the XML Query Language
  • RSS, Atom, and content syndication
  • Web Services
  • SOAP and WSDL
  • Ajax

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