Certified WiMax-4G Professional Traffic management and distribution

Traffic management and distribution

A traffic generation model is a stochastic model of the traffic flows or data sources in a communication network, for example a cellular network or a computer network.

The 802.16 model is much simpler. It was proposed in several 802.16 TG3 contributions. The idea is to define three basic models:

  • Interrupted Poisson Process (IPP)
  • Interrupted Discreet Process (IDP)
  • Interrupted Renewal Process (IRP)
  • Virtual Private Network (vps)

and mix them together in order to simulate different kinds of web-traffic. Every interrupted process may be either in ON or OFF state. The packets are generated only in ON state. The lengths of ON and OFF periods, sizes of the packets and intervals between them are defined separately in each model, so these models differ in the way their parameters are defined. These models may be mixed together, for example: 4IPP means a mix of four IPP flows with different parameters. HTTP and FTP is simulated as 4IPP; VoIP is simulated as IDP, 2IDP, 4IDP; Video is simulated as 2IRP.

Management messages are broadcast or sent on three CIDs in each direction: Basic, Primary, and Secondary

  • Uplink Channel Descriptor
  • Downlink Channel Descriptor
  • UL-MAP
  • DL-MAP


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