Certified WiMax-4G Professional Site surveys

Site surveys

Before any equipment is deployed, there must be a site survey to determine what is needed in order to have a successful wireless operation.  By understanding the dynamics of the market where the deployment will take place and planning accordingly, the service provider can ensure success on Day One of operations.

Link Budget
It is the equation of the power of a signal transmitted minus detractions between the transmitter and receiver (rain, interference from other broadcasters, vegetation, gain at the antennas ate either end) and what signal is received at the receiver.

Frequency Plan
Part of the site survey process is to determine a viable frequency plan.  The wireless operator must make maximum use of limited spectrum assets.  

Its about windows, not roof tops
Traditional wireless thinking dictated that a radio and its associated antenna should be at the highest point possible with a line of sight to a majority of the service area (note mountain tops and the Empire State Building).  This is not necessarily so with WiMAX.  As indoor subscriber units mature, the value of antenna placement is not necessarily in height above subscribers, but in achieving as short and direct a line of sight possible be-tween base station and subscriber's CPE

Site survey involves
1)Check the line of Sight between Access unit and Subscriber unit Wimax can also work in NON-Line of Site condition.
2)Measuring the Distance between Access unit and Subscriber unit
3)map the Radion interface located in the site
4)Basic condition for Wimax

  • Pole position
  • Power Lines
  • Grounding
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