Certified Twitter Apps Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


Social Media and Twitter
  • Explaining the concepts of Web 2.0
  • Describing the growth of social media
  • Understanding the importance and evolution of twitter in social media and various terminologies used on twitter.
Twitter Application Development
  • Explaining the process of registering a twitter application
  • Understanding the concepts of twitter user and types of application
  • Illustrating different tools and IDE needed for application development
  • Describing available documentation facilities
Twitter Application Access
  • Explaining the parameters for Twitter API
  • Understanding the usage of HTTP Response codes in twitter
  • Grasping the basics of cURL
  • Detailing the concepts of OAuth
  • Understanding the OAuth API for a twitter application
  • Illustrating the concepts by developing a sample twitter application
Advanced Application Options
  • Using method to timeline, support, mentions and retweet to twitter application
  • Describing the various methods for notification and account
  • Explaining direct message, lists, trending and GEO tag usage in twitter application
Twitter APIs
  • Understanding favorites, real time, streaming and search APIs given by twitter

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