Certified Telesales Executive Course Outline

Course Outline


Sales Basics

  • Understanding telesales, telesales Types and features
  • Describing the sales cycle
  • Explaining the types of orientation and functions of a telesales executive

Developing skills

  • Emphasizing skills development and public speaking
  • Illustrating basics of personality development
  • Explaining self grooming
  • Describing positive attitude by removing different negativities, steps to be positive and positive behaviour traits
  • Elucidating the behaviour for successful sale person and telesales specific skills
  • Understanding the relevance of listening and vocal skills

Customer Handling

  • Understanding customer behaviour and expectations
  • Explaining the technique for building customer relationship

Call Preparation

  • Describing the need for product or service knowledge
  • Understanding the purpose of each call and usage of call scripts

Telesales Process

  • Understanding the telesales process of vaulting the hurdle, catching the prospect’s interest, investigation, making the sales presentation, overcoming objections and closing the call

Team Work

  • Detailing team work and the formation of a team

Stress Management

  • Explaining the consequences of stress and reason/causes of stress
  • Describing the signs of stress and techniques of stress management

Time Management

  • Implementing the time management techniques on a day to day basis

Computers Basics

  • Understanding the basics, characteristics and units of computer
  • Describing the commonly used computer terms and representation of information
  • Explaining the basic operations of a computer and various devices used
  • Detailing the types of software and disk organization terms

Windows XP

  • Illustrating the basics of operating system and user interface
  • Describing the technique for using the mouse
  • Explaining the concept and usage of the desktop, the task bar, the start menu, windows explorer and the control panel

MS - Word 2003

  • Understanding file management and moving in a document
  • Explaining the steps for selecting text, printing and previewing a document
  • Describing the formatting toolbar icons and editing text
  • Illustrating headers and footers, font formatting, bullets and numbering, document enhancement, drop capital, change case and multiple columns
  • Detailing advanced features of MS-Word like mail merge and tables

MS-Excel 2003

  • Detailing the various MS-Excel window elements and file management
  • Describing the page setup, preset headers and footers
  • Explaining the steps to printing document, selecting cells and data ranges, editing data and various functions in Excel

MS-Power Point 2003

  • Describing the process of loading of PowerPoint, starting with a presentation and file management
  • Explaining the different views in PowerPoint and steps to editing
  • Detailing the process of modifying the document and working of a slide show


  • Understanding the basic networking concepts, network types and internet
  • Explaining the basic windows networking terms
  • Describing the steps for sharing local printer and connecting to a network printer
  • Detailing the concept of email, sending an e-mail message from outlook, sending email from google's gmail and steps for download from internet


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