Certified Staffing Manager Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. The primary aim of recruitment and selection process is to

A. Meet the high labour turnover

B. Hire the best individuals at optimum cost

C. Ensure the availability of surplus in the case of sickness and absence

D. None of the above         


2. Recruitment is widely viewed as a _______ process.

A. Positive

B. Negative

C. Both positive and negative

D. None of these                                                  


3. The process of developing an applicants’ pool for job openings in an organization is called

A. Hiring

B. Recruitment

C. Selection

D. Retention            


4. Recruitment policy usually highlights the need for establishing

A. Job specification

B. Job analysis

C. Job description

D. None of the above                         


5. _______ indicates the degree to which a tool or test measures what it is supposed to measure.

A. Validity

B. Reliability

C. Dependability

D. Goodness of fit


1 (A)

2 (A)

3 (B)

4 (A)

5 (A)

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