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Certified SpamAssassin Professional Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Which programming language is at the core of SpamAssassin?

A. PHP    
B. Perl
C. Python
D. C#

2. What does MTA refers to?

A. Mail Transport Agent
B. Mail Transport Act
C. Mail Trading Agent
D. Mail Trading Act

3. What is the default location of spamd?

A. /    
B. /usr
C. /usr/bin
D. Persistent

4. Which of the following will not protect you from spam?

A. Spam blockers    
B. E-mail rules
C. Popup blocker
D. Filters

5. What is the IP address for localhost?

C. Depends on computer type
D. Depends on application

Answers:      1 (B), 2 (A), 3 (C), 4 (C), 5 (B)

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