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The software testing team

Each position has it's own roles and responsibilities. Below are described briefly the roles and responsibilities for each position:

1. Project Manager

  • Initiate Testing Project
  • Managing The Testing Project and Resource Allocation
  • Test Project Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling, Reporting/Closing

2. Business Analyst

  • Analyze Business Process, Business Requirement, Functional Specifiation
  • Participate in Preliminary Planning

3. Developer

  • Develop system/application
  • Business Analyst and Test Leader Interaction

4. Testing Quality Assurance

  • Tracking and Ensuring The Test Team to comply with standard Test Process
  • Highlighting non compliance issues to test Management Team

5. Test Leader

  • Analyzing Test Requirement
  • Designing Test Strategy, and Test Methodology
  • Designing Tests Suites, Test Cases, Test Data

6. Tester

  • Test Preparation
  • Test Execution
  • Raising and Tracking Defect

7. User

  • Initiate Project
  • Initiate Requirement
  • End User of the System/Application
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