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Integration testing Limitations

Some limitations in using the integration test client. Some known limitations are:

  • Files required for test client to work with Server
  • Null pointer exception (NPE) when testing
  • Duplicate names

Any conditions not stated in specified integration tests, outside of the confirmation of the execution of design items, will generally not be tested. Integration tests can not include system-wide (end-to-end) change testing.

Big Bang Approach:


  •     Fault Localization is difficult.
  •     Given the sheer number of interfaces that need to be tested in this approach, some interfaces links to be tested could be missed easily.
  •     Since the integration testing can commence only after “all” the modules are designed, testing team will have less time for execution in the testing phase.
  •     Since all modules are tested at once, high risk critical modules are not isolated and tested on priority. Peripheral modules which deal with user interfaces are also not isolated and tested on priority.

Bottom up Integration



  •     Critical modules (at the top level of software architecture) which control the flow of application are tested last and may be prone to defects.
  •     Early prototype is not possible

Top down Integration:


  •     Needs many Stubs.
  •     Modules at lower level are tested inadequately.


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