Certified Software Security Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources


  • Digital assets
  • Need for computer security
  • Risk and vulnerabilities
Attacks, Security and Measures
  • Evolution and attack types
  • Attack tools
  • Security levels
  • Security Standards
Secured Software Cycle
  • Security Lifecycle
  • Security Requirements
  • Security use cases and modeling
  • Security Design and authentication
  • Secured coding techniques and review
  • Security testing and remediation
C/C+ programming
  • UNIX/Linux and C/C++ evolution
  • Attack types and countermeasures in C/C++
  • UNIX security and privileges
  • UNIX network programming
Windows programming
  • Windows Security
  • .Net components and runtime security
  • .Net security design
  • Identity, principal and permission
  • Security techniques (type safety, role based and code access)
  • ASP.NET and remoting security
Java programming
  • Java architecture and platform security
  • Cryptography API and secure sockets
  • JSSE and Java sandbox
  • Applets and swing security
SOA-based security
  • TCP/IP protocols and socket security
  • SOA basics and challenges
  • RPC and RMI security
  • DCOM and ActiveX security
Web Applications Security
  • Web security concepts
  • Identity management techniques
  • PKI and future
  • Attack techniques (code injection and parameter passing)
  • Emerging attack types and AVDL
Securing Mobile
  • Mobile computing architecture and networks
  • NGN concepts and security
  • J2ME, Java card and USIM security
  • Securing WAP, mobile agents and mobile networks
  • Windows mobile security
Advance Java Security
  • Servlet Security
  • Securing JSP, Java struts, JSF and EJB
Advance Web Services
  • Web service security model and standards
  • XML attacks and SSL usage
  • OFX and IFX

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