Certified Social Media Marketing Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


Social Media Marketing Introduction
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Portals
  • Social News Sites
  • Social Book marking Sites
  • Introduction to Social Networks
  • Importance of the Web in Giving Consumers A Voice
  • How to join the Conversation
  • Content is not everything in Online Marketing
Goal Setting In A Social Environment
  • Overcoming Fear about Uncontrolled Messages
  • Importance of Being Transparent
  • Importance of Listening
  • Setting Goals for the Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • Advantages of Increased Traffic
  • Increases in Brand Awareness
  • Improved Search Rankings
  • Reputation Management
  • Increased Sales in Your Product or Service
  • Established Expert
  • Researching the Social Media Community
  • Planning for the Kind of Content the Audience Prefers
  • Handling Negative Backlash
  • Manpower for Social Media Marketing
  • Apetite for Taking Risks
  • Pursuing Social Media Marketing
Networking And Implementing The Social Media Strategy
  • Planning for the Social Media Strategy
  • Getting Ideas
  • Bureaucratic Hurdles
  • Importance of Networking
  • Role of Community Managers
Participation In Marketing
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • What to Do Improve the Reputation of the Company
Using Blogs To Communicate And Learn
  • A Brief History of Blogs
  • Blogs as Online Influencers
  • Features and Functionality
  • Various kinds of Blogging Platforms
  • Planning for the Blog
  • Writing for Blog Audiences
  • Using the Blog’s Voice
  • Techniques of Blogging
  • Getting Fresh Content for the Blog
  • Additional Features for Blog
  • Corporate Social Media Strategy for Blogging
Use Of Microblogging For Business
  • History of Twitter
  • Usage of Twitter
  • Case Study
  • Use of Twitter as an Official Channel
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Tweeting From Anywhere
  • Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts dashboards
  • Case Study
Facebook Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Networking Sites
  • Profile Customization and Blog Posts
  • The Facebook “Product” Page
  • Paid Advertising on Facebook
  • Facebook Groups, User Profiles, or Fan Pages
  • Facebook Applications for Marketing
  • Case Study
Linkedin Marketing
  • Getting Professional with LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Answers, events, messaging & testimonials
  • User Groups of Linkedin
  • Conclusion
Informing The Public
  • Social Search
  • Wikipedia: The Living Encyclopedia
  • Discussion
  • Wikipedia social media optimization
  • Being cautious when editing Wikipedia
  • Mahalo
  • Using Yahoo! Answers for Social Media Marketing
  • Being Aware of the Latest Questions
  • Importance of Knowledge
The Social Book marking Space
  • Evolution of bookmaking
  • Tags
  • Integration of social bookmaking into Search Results
  • Using Social Book marking Sites
  • The Stumbleupon Toolbar
  • Sharing content with all one’s friends in one attempt
  • Stumbling and reviewing content
  • Understanding StumbleUpon user page
  • Interacting with tags
  • Delicious.com
  • Diigo
  • Other Social Book marking Sites
Bringing Page Views From Social News
  • The importance of Social News
  • Factors Influencing Social News Front Page Promotion
  • Succeeding on Social News Sites
  • Building the right kind of content
  • Benefits of social news promotion in social media marketing goals
  • Other important sites in Social News
  • General Social News Sites
Importance Of Photography, Videos And Pod casting
  • Using pictures for marketing
  • Flickr
  • Other Top Photo-Sharing Sites
  • Photoblogs and Galleries
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing on Youtube
Youtube Marketing
  • Viral video and branding
  • Social sharing, comments and reviews
  • Podcasts and Ads inside Videos
Google+ Marketing
  • Google+ Basics and Sharings
  • Google+ Integration and promotion
  • Google+ Tools
Integration Of Different Things
  • Revealing one’s true identity
  • The social media workflow
  • Return on Investment
  • Other important things in social media
  • Remember the Community
  • Thinking outside Social Media Communities: Face-to-Face Interactions
  • Showing Creativity Online
  • Conclusion
Other Platforms
  • Social media widgets and mashups
  • RSS, Tagging and Blogging
  • Wikis
Metrics and ROI
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Conversion and performance metrics
  • Testing tools and ROI calculation
  • Social media platform tools
Future Trends
  • Online Reputation and Brand management
  • Social Commerce
  • Crowd sourcing & Collaboration Techniques
  • Data Portability
  • Privacy and Legal Issues

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