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VTP Pruning

VTP Pruning

VTP ensures that all switches in the VTP domain are aware of all VLANs. However, there are occasions when VTP can create unnecessary traffic. All unknown unicasts and broadcasts in a VLAN are flooded over the entire VLAN. All switches in the network receive all broadcasts, even in situations in which few users are connected in that VLAN. VTP pruning is a feature that you use in order to eliminate or prune this unnecessary traffic.

Broadcast traffic in a switched network without pruning



This figure shows a switched network without VTP pruning enabled. Port 1 on Switch A and Port 2 on Switch D are assigned to the Red VLAN. If a broadcast is sent from the host connected to Switch A, Switch A floods the broadcast and every switch in the network receives it, even though Switches C, E, and F have no ports in the Red VLAN.

Broadcast traffic in a switched network with pruning



This figure shows the same switched network with VTP pruning enabled. The broadcast traffic from Switch A is not forwarded to Switches C, E, and F because traffic for the Red VLAN has been pruned on the links shown (Port 5 on Switch B and Port 4 on Switch D).

When VTP pruning is enabled on a VTP server, pruning is enabled for the entire management domain. Making VLANs pruning-eligible or pruning-ineligible affects pruning eligibility for those VLANs on that trunk only (not on all switches in the VTP domain). VTP pruning takes effect several seconds after you enable it. VTP pruning does not prune traffic from VLANs that are pruning-ineligible. VLAN 1 and VLANs 1002 to 1005 are always pruning-ineligible; traffic from these VLANs cannot be pruned. Extended-range VLANs (VLAN IDs greater than 1005) are also pruning-ineligible.


Enabling VTP Pruning

To enable VTP pruning, do the following:


1 Access the Virtual LAN Menu.

Select [V] from the Main Menu.

2 Access the VTP Pruning Mode screen.

Select [F] VTP Pruning Mode.

3 Enable VTP pruning.

Enter Enable at the selection prompt. The VLAN Configuration Menu reappears.


Verifying VTP Pruning

To verify that you have enabled VTP pruning, select [F] VTP Pruning Mode, and view the VTP pruning state.


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