Certified Router Support Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content

Virtual LANs

  • Virtual LAN Concepts
  • VLAN and VLAN Trunking Configuration and Verification
  • VTP Configuration and Verification

Spanning Tree Protocol

  • Spanning Tree Protocol Basics
  • Rapid STP (IEEE 802.1w)
  • STP Configuration and Verification
  • STP Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting LAN Switching

  • Generalized Troubleshooting Methodologies
  • Troubleshooting the LAN Switching Data Plane
  • Predicting Normal Operation of the LAN Switching Data Plane

IP Routing: Static and Connected Routes

  • IP Routing and Addressing
  • Routes to Directly Connected Subnets
  • Static Routes

Variable Length Subnet Masks

  • VLSM Concepts and Configuration
  • Finding VLSM Overlaps
  • Adding a New Subnet to an Existing VLSM Design
  • Designing a Subnetting Plan Using VLSM

Route Summarization

  • Manual Route Summarization
  • Autosummarization and Discontiguous Classful Networks

Basic IP Access Control Lists

  • IP Access Control List Basics
  • Standard Numbered IPv4 ACLs
  • Practice Applying Standard IP ACLs

Advanced IP Access Control Lists

  • Extended Numbered IP Access Control Lists
  • Named ACLs and ACL Editing
  • Miscellaneous ACL Topics

Troubleshooting IP Routing

  • The ping and traceroute Commands
  • Troubleshooting the Packet Forwarding Process
  • Troubleshooting Tools and Tips

Routing Protocol Theory

  • Dynamic Routing Protocol Overview
  • Distance Vector Routing Protocol Features
  • Link-State Routing Protocol Features


  • OSPF Protocols and Operation
  • OSPF Configuration


  • EIGRP Concepts and Operation
  • EIGRP Configuration and Verification

Troubleshooting Routing Protocols

  • Perspectives on Troubleshooting Routing Protocol Problems
  • Interfaces Enabled with a Routing Protocol
  • Neighbor Relationships

Point-to-Point WANs

  • PPP Concepts
  • PPP Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Serial Links

Frame Relay Concepts

  • Frame Relay Overview
  • Frame Relay Addressing
  • Network Layer Concerns with Frame Relay
  • Controlling Speed and Discards in the Frame Relay Cloud

Frame Relay Configuration

  • Frame Relay Configuration and Verification
  • Frame Relay Troubleshooting

Virtual Private Networks

  • VPN Fundamentals
  • IPsec VPNs
  • SSL VPNs

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