Certified Restaurant Manager Course Outline

Course Outline


Indian Food Retail Scenario
  • Explains the overhaul witnessed by the food and beverage industry
  • Gives an overview of the fast food chains in India
  • Highlights the challenges faced by the food and beverage industry
  • Gives details about the top food joints and restaurants in India
Customer relationship
  • Understand the customer behavior and requirements
  • Understand the customers expectations and providing services in lieu of demand
  • Explains the importance, need and techniques of building customer relationship
Communication skills
  • Explains the points to be taken into consideration when speaking in public
  • Emphasizes on developing good communication skills
  • Understand the areas to be concentrated upon for personality development such as effective speech and communication, practices and behavior, personal hygiene etc.
  • Self Grooming tips for Men and Women
Stress Management
  • Explains the consequences of stress
  • Lists the various factors affected by stress at professional level
  • Describes the various causes and symptoms of stress
  • Explains the techniques to manage stress
Time Management
  • Explains the need for time management
  • Describes the various techniques of time management
Job Ethics
  • Explains the meaning and importance of work ethics
  • Describes the need for work ethics
  • Explains the ethical problems related to Work
  • List of general work ethics code

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