Certified Python Developer Course Outline


Course Outline


  • Describing the need and evolution of python
  • Illustrating the features of python programming language
  • Exploring the interpreter prompt
  • Elucidating the different editor and source file and extension
  • Details on translation process and executable generation
  • Explaining the steps for Windows and Linux installation of python
Language Basics
  • Describing the various language elements (constants, numbers and strings)
  • Explaining strings and it’s types (single quotes, double quotes and triple quotes)
  • Usage of escape sequence, string concatenation and format method
  • Detailing variables naming rules, types and objects
  • Techniques for indentation and usage of logical and physical lines
Operators and Expressions
  • Describing the various operators and expressions
  • Explaining the evaluation order and concept of associativity
Control Flow
  • Explaining the if conditional statement
  • Illustrating the for and while loop construct
  • Describing the usage of the break and continue statement
  • Illustrating function parameters and local variables
  • Detailing the usage of global and nonlocal statement
  • Describing the concepts of default argument values and keyword arguments
  • Explaining the VarArgs, keyword-only parameters and return statement
  • Documentation using docstrings and annotations
  • Generating compiled .pyc files
  • Using the from ..import ..statement
  • Custom modules creation and usage of “__name__ “
  • Packaging using the dir function and packages
Data Structures
  • Explaining data structures in python like list, tuple, sequences, dictionary and set
Object Oriented Programming
  • Implementing OOP with the usage of ‘self’, classes and objects
  • Detailing methods in object and the __init__ method
  • Describing the usage of class and object variables
  • Implementing inheritance
Input Output
  • Illustrating interactive user input
  • Detailing data storage in files
  • Object storage by pickle
  • Illustrating the basics of error and exception
  • Describing the technique to handle and raise exceptions
  • Explaining the application of try, finally and with statement
Standard Library
  • Details on using sys module for system specific functionality
  • Applying logging module for debugging
  • Ultilizing urllib and json modules for internet interaction

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