Certified Public Relations Officer Course Outline

Course Outline


Understanding Public Relations as a discipline

  • Explains the rationale behind maintaining Public Relations
  • Explains the relationship between Community and Public Relations
  • Illustrates the implications and benefits of having good Public Relations in the society
  • Explains the process of Interpersonal Communication and explains its relation with  
  •     Public Relations
  • Explains the concept of Public Relations Field Dynamics and its application
  • Explains Historical and Social Role of Public Relations in a society

Public Relations Principle and Practices

  • Explains Public Relations Functions and Key Processes
  • Explains the concept and relationship between Public Relations and Marketing
  • Describes Public Relations Law
  • Describes the concept and importance of Integrated Planning and Evaluation
  • Explains the process of Public Relations and Conflict Resolution

Reputation, image and Impression Management

  • Explains the outlook on Reputation Management - Concepts and Practices
  • Describes the concept of Impression Management – Its key concepts and benefits

Public Relations Ethics

  • Understand and educate the practitioners
  • Understand the Social Responsibility in a country
  • Understanding Public Relations Ethics - Theory and Practice
  • Explains the various instruments applicable to Public Relations

Public Relations Risks and Issues

  • Explains the Political Issues faced
  • Explains the Economic Issues faced
  • Explains the Socio-cultural Issues faced
  • Explains the Technical Issues faced
  • Explains the Legal Issues faced

Communication Crisis and Relationship Building

  • Explains the importance of Critical Thinking Skills for Reading and Writing and
  •     encourage for betterment
  • Understand and incorporate Strategic Planning and Communication Practices
  • Understand Communication Crisis Management
  • Understand the process of Image Restoration
  • Explains the Relationships within Communities


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