Certified PowerPoint 2003 Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content

Powerpoint Basics

  • Advantages
  • Basic Terms
  • Starting Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Interface
  • View buttons and Slide Views
  • The Task Pane
  • Toolbars
  • Pull-Down Menus
  • File Management
  • Presentation Types
  • PowerPoint File Types

Creating Content

  • New Presentation Options
  • Create New Presentations from Templates
  • Insert and Edit Text-Based Content
  • Insert Tables, Charts, and Diagrams
  • Insert Pictures, Shapes and Graphics
  • Insert Objects

Formatting Content

  • Format Text-Based Content
  • Format Pictures, Shapes and Graphics
  • Clip Art
  • Organization Chart
  • Format Slides
  • Apply Animation Schemes
  • Apply Slide Transitions
  • Customize Slide Templates


  • Track, Accept, And Reject Changes In A Presentation
  • Add, Edit, And Delete Comments In A Presentation
  • Compare And Merge Presentations

Managing and Delivering Presentations

  • Organize A Presentation
  • Set Up Slide Shows For Delivery
  • Rehearse Timing
  • Deliver Presentations
  • Prepare Presentations For Remote Delivery
  • Save And Publish Presentations
  • Print Slides, Outlines, Handouts, And Speaker Notes
  • Export A Presentation To Another Microsoft Office Program

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