Certified PowerPoint 2003 Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources

1 Creating Content

  • Create new presentations from templates
  • Insert and edit text-based content
  • Insert tables, charts, and diagrams
  • Insert pictures, shapes, and graphics
  • Insert objects

2 Formatting Content

  • Format text-based content
  • Format pictures, shapes, and graphics
  • Format slides
  • Apply animation schemes
  • Apply slide transitions
  • Customize slide templates
  • Insert objects

3 Collaborating

  • Track, accept, and reject changes in a presentation
  • Add, edit, and delete comments in a presentation
  • Compare and merge presentations

4 Managing and Delivering Presentations

  • Organize a presentation
  • Set up slide shows for delivery
  • Rehearse timing
  • Deliver presentations
  • Prepare presentations for remote delivery
  • Save and publish presentations
  • Print slides, outlines, handouts, and speaker notes
  • Export a presentation to another Microsoft Office program

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