Certified Portfolio Analyst Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to Portfolio Management
  • History of Portfolio Management
  • Necessity of Investment Policy
  • SEBI Regulations
  • Risks in Investment
  • Portfolio Management Process
Investment Policy
  • Types of Portfolios
  • Types of Investors
  • Client Profiling
  • Setting Goals and Prioritization
  • Gathering Data
  • Investment Objectives and Constraints
Capital Market Expectations
  • Forecasting Market Environment
  • Macroeconomic Variables
  • Forecasting Tools
Asset Allocation: Policies & Procedures
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Asset Allocation Process
  • Types of Asset Allocation
  • Classes of Assets
  • Expected Long-Term Benchmark Portfolio Results
Capital Market Theory
  • Markowitz Model and Efficient Frontier
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Chaos Theory
  • Arbitrage Pricing Model
Portfolio Analysis
  • Components of Risk and Return
  • Measures of Risk
  • Systematic and Unsystematic Risk
  • Beta of a Portfolio
Portfolio Revision
  • Importance of Portfolio Revision
  • Portfolio Revision Constraints
  • Common Faults in Revision
  • Portfolio Revision Strategies
  • Portfolio Revision Techniques
Measuring and Evaluating Portfolio Performance
  • Measures of Return
  • Buying the Index Approach
  • Performance Evaluation of Portfolio Managers
Equity Portfolio Management
  • Passive Portfolio Management
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Benchmark Portfolios
  • Derivatives in Equity-Portfolio Management
Fixed Income Portfolio Management
  • Bond Ratings
  • Fixed Income Portfolio Management – Passive
  • Fixed Income Portfolio Management – Active
  • Barbelled and Laddered Strategies

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