Certified PL/SQL Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


PL/SQL Introduction
  • Understanding basics and terminologies of relational database, oracle and PL/SQL
  • Explaining the usage of PL/SQL in oracle DBMS
  • Describing the need and benefits of PL/SQL for triggers and server-side code
  • Detailing the hardware and software requirements for Oracle and PL/SQL
  • Describing the steps for configuring and testing oracle environment and connectivity
PL/SQL programming constructs
  • Illustrating the various lexical elements and basic data types in PL/SQL
  • Describing the concepts of constants, variables, operators and expressions
  • Explaining the various conditional and loop constructs offered by PL/SQL
  • Understanding the usage of overloading and recursion
Code Block
  • Detailing concepts of procedure, functions, packages, instead of and triggers
  • Explaining techniques for handling compilation errors and exception with adding custom exception
  • Describing the steps for declaration and definition of cursors
  • Detailing usage of implicit cursors
  • Understanding the usage of cursor variables, PL/SQL functions, record updates and Shortcuts in PL/SQL
Code Management
  • Explaining the steps for packaging and placement of code and triggers in database
  • Illustrating the process, advantages and disadvantages of code placement in application server
  • Detailing the basics of naming standard, it’s need and norms to follow
Advanced Datatypes
  • Understanding usage of clob, blob and bfile data types
  • Detailing the implementation of custom data types
  • Explaining varray and bulk collect for bulk data operations
Transaction Processing
  • Describing the concepts and usage of commit and rollback of transactions in PL/SQL
  • Explaining the autonomous transactions

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