Certified PHP Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Explaining the need and evolution of PHP
  • Illustrating the various assignment, arithmetic, comparison and string operators
  • Describing the usage of Comments and the Script Life cycle in PHP
Variable and constants
  • Detailing the basics of variable, constants, various data types and special characters in PHP
  • Describing the various arithmetic, assignment, comparison, concatenation, logical, bitwise and unary operators for conducting different operations on operands
  • Elucidating conditionals (if-else, switch and ternary operator) used in PHP for condition checking in PHP
Loop constructs
  • Describing the different loop constructs (while, for, for each and do while) of PHP
  • Understanding loop exiting keyword of continue and break
  • Explaining strings and their functions for manipulation in PHP
  • Understanding Single and Double quoted strings
  • Describing the usage of Heredoc and Nowdoc in PHP
  • Explaining array creation,reading, adding or deleting array elements and their functions
  • Describing the usage of associative arrays in PHP
  • Illustrating the basics of parameter and return values in functions
  • Detailing the concept of value and reference passing of parameter
  • Explaining the implementation of variable and anonymous functions
  • Describing various string, mathematical, date and time functions of PHP
  • Procedure of definition and usage of classes in PHP
  • Describing the usage of constructor and destructor in classes
  • Illustrating class constants, object interfaces, inheritance and abstraction
  • Explaining the concept of extending classes and visibility settings
  • Detailing traits and overloading
  • Describing object basics and references with their operations like iteration, cloning
File Handling
  • Describing the basics of file handling with detailing the various file operations like creating, opening, reading, writing, appending, closing and deleting a file
  • Explaining various useful file and directory functions
  • Explaining the database basics of table and query of database
  • Describing connecting and closing of database connection in PHP
  • Illustrating the steps to search, insert, update and delete data in a table
  • Detailing querying, sorting and grouping of records
  • Emphasizing the error handling mechanism in MySQL
Cookies management
  • Describing the creation, usage and deletion of cookies in PHP with usage of setcookie and setrawcookie
  • Explaining steps for starting an session, creation, accessing and usage of variables and destroying session variables
  • Illustrating the implementation of custom session handlers and managing session upload progress
  • Describing security as applicable to sessions and various sessions functions
  • Illustrating forms and their usage for data collection
  • Describing the various controls in an HTML form and steps to create a HTML form
  • Detailing the process to accept variables from external sources in PHP and image submissions
  • Explaining the applicability and implementation of security, optimization and error handling in PHP
  • Describing the steps of installation of PHP and it's requirements

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