Certified Online Journalist Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What is a lead?

A. The main idea of a feature story

B. A piece of information that attracts and keeps the reader interested

C. A point in the story where the reader loses interest

D. None of these

2. What is soft news?

A. News that’s based on opinions, not facts

B. News that’s entertaining or interesting

C. News that’s circulated on the Internet, not on paper

D. Advice columns

3. What is hard news?

A .News that covers hard to understand topics

B. News that’s based on opinions, not facts

C. News that affects everyone

D. None of these

4. What is an editorial?

A. An opinion piece that uses the pronoun “I”

B. The process when an editor works with unfinished story

C. A part of the writing process

D. The job that reporter's get when they are promoted

5. What is libel?

A. Publishing a false statement that damages someone’s reputation

B. A tendency to do something

C. Publishing private information about a person

D. Use of outside editors


Answers:      1 (B), 2 (B), 3 (C), 4 (A), 5 (A)

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