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Qualities required in an office assistant

Qualities Every Administrative Assistant Needs

Communication Skills
Communication, interpersonal relationship and listening skills are possibly the top desired qualities every company looks for in an administrative assistant. One reason for this is that the administrative assistant will likely be the first point of contact for clients or customers.

Organizational Skills
If a company needs an administrative assistant, it’s likely because the business is fast-paced and very busy. The assistant is brought in to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with day-to-day operations, but that can be tricky when there are a countless amount of responsibilities to take care of.

Time Management Skills
Right up there with organizational skills, time management is crucial for administrative assistants. Although there may not be enough time in the day to get through everything that needs to be done, your job as an assistant is to make it happen. Prioritization and the ability to work through distractions help keep you focused, and you know when it’s time to move from one task to the next.

Dependability and Reliability
Because of the amount of responsibility placed on most administrative assistants, an important quality employers look for is level of dependability and reliability. Responsibilities and work hours are not always cut and dry for those in a busy office. Employers want to know that their assistants are willing to go above and beyond when urgent situations arise without any complaints or hesitation.

Administrative assistants are right in the middle of all conversations, business deals and other communication floating around the office. However, being privy to an abundance of information, confidential or meaningless, comes with great responsibility.


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