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Features of photocopying machine

Advances In technology have meant that most, if not all printers and photocopiers today (at least in the Canon and Toshiba ranges) are Multifunctional; meaning that they have added functionality and in turn the convenience of several office machines in one: copier, printer, fax machine, scanner, PDF writer... and the list can go on. Such machines are be a terrific asset to your workplace and can ensure the successful completion of a 5 year life-span.

Remember that even if you are not sure that you want or need some of the extensive features, the right copier you can upgrade many of these features later. Some machines can be upgraded with a "plug and play" sort of upgrade, much like a USB print dongle, whilst others require more extensive hardware fixes. Below is a list of most features available in digital multifunction photocopiers.

How to Photocopy

  • Take standard size 8.5 by 11-inch or 11 by 17-inch paper and place it in the dispensing tray. Adhere to the paper limitations and do not add more than is recommended.
  • Select the appropriate paper size on the copy machine. Copy settings are commonly located on the front panel and may include additional settings beyond the standard 8.5 by 11-inch paper.
  • Select black and white or color copies. Generally, the copy machine may have a ink drop that is black as well as an ink drop that is red or green to indicate color. Traditional Xerox machines may also mark these options with the written words, "Black" and "Color."
  • Lift the lid and place the paper image you want to copy on the clear tray. You may also insert the paper into the top feeder. Only place three to five sheets of paper at a time or as directed by the owner's manual.
  • Line the paper with the size guide markings located on the Xerox machine. Look for small markings and then align the paper directly with the top and bottom markings. These markings will also indicate the paper size they correspond with.
  • Lower the lid and enter the number of copies required. Depending on the machine, you may only be able to print 1 to 99 copies.
  • Press "Enter." Allow the Xerox copier to begin copying. Add additional paper as needed.
  • Remove the paper from the copy machine along with the copies. Turn off or allow the machine to power down on its own or go into "Sleep" mode.
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