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Certified Office Administrator Learning Resources Etiquettes of using a Door

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Etiquettes of using a Door

Door Swings Out
If you are entering and the door swings out (towards you):

  1. Pull open the door
  2. Allow the person who is exiting to leave. This way, you don’t have that awkward moment where you are holding the door behind you for the person as they’re leaving.
  3. Enter

If you are exiting and the door swings out (away from you):

  1. Wait to see if the person entering will hold the door.
  2. March out
  3. Thank said kind citizen. It’s only polite. If you don’t say thank you, you will be haunted by the impoliteness for the rest of your day. Or you won’t, it really depends on what type of person you are.

Door Swings In
Basically, same deal as above only the situations are reversed. The point is, if you are holding the door, hold the door. Don’t try to push past someone when the door is just going to hit you in the ass.