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Computer Hardware

Computer System

All of the components of a computer system can be summarized with the simple equations.


•   Hardware = Internal Devices + Peripheral Devices

All physical parts of the computer (or everything that we can touch) are known as Hardware. 

•   Software = Programs

Software gives "intelligence" to the computer.

•   USER = Person, who operates computer.

Major parts of the Computer

Input Devices

1.   Mouse 

 2.   Keyboard

 3.   Scanner

 4.   Digital Camera

 5.   Web Camera 

 6.   Joysticks

7.   Track Ball

8.   Touch Pad/ Screen

9.   Light Pen

10.  Bar Code Reader

11.  Microphone

12.  Graphics Tablets

13.  Magnetic Ink Character Reader (Used in Bank)

 14.  Optical Mark Reader (Used for Answer- Sheet Marking Purpose)

 15.  Magnetic Card Reader (Used in Shops, Colleges, Stations etc)  

 16.  Biometric Devices

17.  Bluetooth



The main unit inside the computer is the CPU. This unit is responsible for all events

inside the computer. It controls all internal and external devices, performs arithmetic and

logic operations. The CPU (Central Processing  Unit) is the device that interprets and 

executes instructions.

Output Devices

1.   Monitor

2.   Printer (Dot Matrix, InkJet, Laser)

3.   Projector 

4.   Plotter

 5.   Speaker

Storage Devices

1 . Primary memory (m a in memory) 

A. RAM (Random Access Memory/Read-Write Memory) 

B. ROM (Read-only-memory)

2. Secondary memory  (storage de vices)

A. Hard Disk (Local Disk)

B. Optical Disks: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW

C. Pen Drive

D. Zip Drive

E. Floppy Disks

F. Memory Cards

G. External Hard Disk

Peripheral Devices

1.   The Modem/ Internet Adapter

 2.   Switches/Hub

3.   Router

4.   TV Tuner Card

Internal Components

1.   The Mother Board

2.   Expansion Slots

3.   CMOS Battery

 4.   Cooling Fan

 5.   Network Card

6.   Graphics Card

 7.   Power Supply Unit (SMPS) 

8.   Memory Slots

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