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Computer filing

Tips to manage computer files better

  • Use Documents It's advantageous to take advantage of the Documents feature, which is called My Documents in Windows XP.
  • Adopt consistent methods for file and folder naming. When learning how to manage files and folders, it is important that you develop a naming scheme for the kinds of files you create most often and then stick to it. To change an existing file or folder name, right-click the name in the folder structure. Click Rename, and then type the new name.
  • Keep names short. Even though you can use long file names in Windows, you should not necessarily do so. Long file names can be harder to read.
  • Separate ongoing and completed work.
  • Store like with like.
  • Avoid large folder structures.
  • Use shortcuts and shortcut links instead of multiple copies.
  • Quickly get to the items you use every day.
  • Consider storing documents online.
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