Certified Network Security Professional Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Networking Concepts
  • Basics of Communication Systems
  • Transmission Media, OSI and TCP/IP stack
  • LAN, WAN, Wireless networks and internetworking
  • Packet formats and ports
Security Concepts
  • Security principles and concepts
  • Identification and authentication
  • Attack types
  • Computer Forensics and steganography
Security Policy
  • Security policies and guidelines
  • Defining incident handling procedure
Security Models
  • Security models (Biba , Bell-la padula, etc.)
  • Access controls (MAC, policy, DAC, etc.)
  • Evolution and data encryption methods
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric key Cryptography
  • Private and public key exchange
  • Secret key cryptography
  • Message Authentication and Hash functions
  • Digital Signatures and public key infrastructure
Hardware Security
  • Smart card
  • Access token
  • Biometrics
Router Hardening and ACL
  • Routing Process and router security
  • Create and implement access control lists (ACL)
  • Remove Unwanted Protocols and Services and router logging
  • IDS concepts and types
  • Signature detection and log analysis
  • Concept, components and types
  • Firewall policy, rule sets and packet filters
  • Proxy Server, bastion host, DMZ and honeypot
  • ISA Server and IPTables
Wireless Security
  • WAP and AP security
  • Wireless PKI
  • Wireless Security Solutions and auditing
System Security
  • Desktop Security
  • Email security: PGP and S/MIME
  • Web Security: web authentication, SSL, IPSec, TLS and SET
  • VPN types and architecture
OS Security
  • OS Vulnerabilities, updates and patches
  • OS integrity checks
  • OS hardening (Linux and Windows 2003)
  • Trusted OS
Security Management
  • Network management and SNMP
  • Incident response
  • Risk Management
  • BCP and DR
Regulations and compliance
  • Law and policies
  • IT Act, IPC and copyright act
  • Privacy
  • Email policy

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