Certified MongoDB Professional Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Explaining the evolution of MongoDB
  • Illustrating the need for document-oriented databases
  • Describing documents, collections and shell in MongoDB
  • Detailing the various data types of MongoDB
  • Illustrating the requirements for installation
  • Describing the installation of MongoDB
Data Management
  • Describing the creation, deletion and update of documents
  • Illustrating the techniques for data querying and indexing
  • Detailing the usage of mapreduce and aggregation
  • Explaining the utility of DBRef, db.eval, GridFS and capped collections in MongoDB
  • Explaining the execution and halting of MongoDB’s instance
  • Describing the usage of admin interface and serverStatus
  • Illustrating the techniques for implementing security
  • Detailing data backup, replication and repair in MongoDB
  • Detailing the process of autosharding and concept of shard keys
  • Describing configuration and administration of sharding in MongoDB

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