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Certified Mobile Marketing Master Sample Questions

Sample Questions

1. Which of the below factors are covered in ASO?
A. Company Funding
B. Screenshots
C. Network Bandwidth
D. Server Scalability

2. On which of the following factors does the App publisher have the LEAST control during ASO?
A. Title
B. Icon
C. Rating
D. Short Description

3. Which of the following statements about ASO is FALSE?
A. ASO requires ongoing effort
B. ASO requires balance for user relevance and search algorithm
C. ASO provides higher visibility to users in the app store
D. ASO delivers higher inorganic app installs through app store

4. What metric should you use to compare cost effectiveness of app install campaigns running on different paid media sources?

5. On which OS platform is IDFA used for tracking?
A. Android
B. Windows
C. iOS
D. All of the above

Answers:      1 (B), 2 (C), 3 (D), 4 (B), 5 (C)

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