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Certified Maven Build Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introducing Apache Maven

  •  Maven… What is it?
  •  Convention Over Configuration
  •  A Common Interface
  •  Universal Reuse through Maven Plugins
  •  Conceptual Model of a "Project"
  •  Is Maven an alternative to XYZ?
  •  Comparing Maven with Ant

Installing Maven

  •  Verify your Java Installation
  •  Downloading Maven
  •  Installing Maven
  •  Testing a Maven Installation
  •  Maven Installation Details

The Project Object Model

  •  Introduction
  •  The POM
  •  POM Syntax
  •  Project Dependencies
  •  Project Relationships
  •  POM Best Practices

The Build Lifecycle

  •  Introduction
  •  Package-specific Lifecycles
  •  Common Lifecycle Goals

Build Profiles

  •  What Are They For?
  •  Portability through Maven Profiles
  •  Profile Activation
  •  Listing Active Profiles

Running Maven

  •  Maven Command Line Options
  •  Using Advanced Reactor Options
  •  Using the Maven Help Plugin

Maven Configuration

  • Configuring Maven Plugins

Maven Assemblies

  •  Introduction
  •  Assembly Basics
  •  Overview of the Assembly Descriptor
  •  Controlling the Contents of an Assembly
  •  Best Practices

Properties and Resource Filtering

  •  Introduction
  •  Maven Properties
  •  Resource Filtering

Site Generation

  •  Introduction
  •  Building a Project Site with Maven
  •  Customizing the Site Descriptor
  •  Site Directory Structure
  •  Writing Project Documentation
  •  Deploying Your Project Website
  •  Customizing Site Appearance
  •  Tips and Tricks

Writing Plugins

  •  Introduction
  •  Programming Maven
  •  Plugin Descriptor
  •  Writing a Custom Plugin
  •  Mojo Parameters
  •  Plugins and the Maven Lifecycle
  •  Using Maven Archetypes
  •  Introduction to Maven Archetypes
  •  Using Archetypes
  •  Available Archetypes
  •  Publishing Archetypes

Developing with Flexmojos

  •  Introduction
  •  Configuring Build Environment for Flexmojos
  •  Creating a Flex Mojos Project from an Archetype
  •  The FlexMojos Lifecycle
  •  FlexMojos Plugin Goals
  •  FlexMojos Plugin Reports
  •  Developing and Customizing Flexmojos

Android Application Development with Maven

  •   Introduction
  •  Configuring Build Environment for Android Development
  •  Getting Started
  •  Creating New Projects with the Android Maven Archetypes
  •  Using Add-Ons
  •  Multi Module Android Projects
  •  Using external dependencies
  •  The Custom Lifecycle from the Android Maven Plugin
  •  Plugin Configuration Parameters
  •  Device Interaction
  •  Emulator Interaction
  •  Other Useful Android Maven Plugin Goals
  •  Internal Android Maven Plugin Goals
  •  Testing Android Application Code
  •  Native Application Builds


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