Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional Course Outline

Course Outline


Strategic Management

  • Understanding the benefits of reliability and the relationship in quality and reliability
  • Describing the relevance of customer needs assessment in reliability

Reliability Program Management

  • Detailing the basic concepts of reliability program
  • Explaining the link between product life cycle and cost
  • Illustrating the design evaluation and reliability training program

Product Safety and Liability

  • Describing the importance of ethical issues and system safety program

Statistics and Probability

  • Explaining the basic terminology of statistics and probability
  • Detailing the various probability distribution
  • Describing the concept and technique of statistical process control

Statistical Inference

  • Understanding the parametric point and interval estimates
  • Describing the statistical interval estimates
  • Illustrating the hypothesis testing and Bayesian technique

Reliability Design Techniques

  • Detailing the various reliability design techniques like use factors, FMEA, FMECA, FTA, Robust Design and DFX

Parts and Systems Management

  • Explaining the concept of selection and control
  • Understanding the process of establishing specifications

Reliability Modeling

  • Describing block diagrams and models for reliability modeling
  • Detailing the simulation techniques

Reliability Predictions

  • Understanding the part count prediction and stress analysis
  • Describing the reliability predictions and reliability allocation

Reliability Test Planning

  • Detailing the type and applications of reliability test planning
  • Understanding the relevance of test environment considerations

Development Testing

  • Describing the various development testing like accelerated life tests, step-stress testing, reliability growth testing and software testing

Product Testing

  • Explaining the various product testing like demonstration testing, PRAT, stress testing, attribute testing, degradation testing and software testing

Maintainability Management

  • Detailing the need for planning for maintenance management
  • Describing the maintenance strategies and allocation
  • Understanding the different tradeoffs for maintenance

Maintainability Analysis

  • Illustrating the maintenance time distributions
  • Describing PM Analysis for maintainability
  • Understanding the relevance and application of corrective maintenance and testability

Data Collection

  • Describing the various data types and sources
  • Explaining the different collection methods
  • Understanding the process of data management

Data Use

  • Understanding the data summarization
  • Illustrating the preventive and corrective action
  • Explaining the effectiveness measure

Data and Failure Analysis Tools

  • Describing the various data and failure analysis tools like FMEA, FMECA, FTA, STA and FRACAS


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