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I. Introduction to Logistics

I.1 Interface between Logistics Manufacturing

I.2 Logistics: Manufacturing issues in Customer Service.

I.3 Production scheduling

I.4 Interface between Logistics Marketing

II. Material Management

II.1 Introduction

II.2 Objectives and Functions of Materials Management 

II.3 Functions of Material Management 

II.4 Secondary Functions

III Distribution Channel Management 

III.1 Functions of Marketing Channels

III.2 Importance of Channel Distribution

III.3  Types of Channel Arrangement

III.4  Type of Channel Members

III.5 Activities performed by marketing channels

III.6 Role of Intermediary in a Marketing Channel

III.7 Types of Intermediaries

III.8 Difference between Direct and Indirect Marketing Channels

III.9 Multiple Channels of Distribution

III.10 Channel Flow

III.11 Establishment Issues

III.12 Level of Distribution Coverage

III.13 Managing Marketing Channels

III.14   Selecting Channel Members

III.15  Implementing Channel Strategy

III.16 Evaluating Channel Performance

IV Warehouse Management and Control 

IV.1 Warehouse Management System (WMS)

IV.2 Warehousing

IV.3 Warehouse operating principles

IV.4 Warehouse strategy

IV.5 Planning the distribution warehouse

IV.6 Warehouse layout

IV.7 Types of Material handling systems in warehousing

V Transportation

V.1 Importance of Transportation

V.2 Modes of Transport

V.3 Containerization

VI Supply chain Management 

VI.1 Porter Value Chain

VI.2 Working of SCM

VI.3 Manufacturing Flow Management

VI.4 International Supply Chain and Logistics

VI . 5 Supply Chain Management in Rural Areas

VII Distribution and Networking in SCM

VII.1 Factors Influencing Distribution Network Design

VII.2 Design Options for a Distribution Network

VII.3 Selecting a Distribution Network Design

VIII Cost Analysis and Measurement in SCM

VIII.1 Costs in supply Chain

VIII.2 Importance and Need for cost analyses

VIII.3 Analyzing supply Chain Cost 

VIII.4 Classification of Supply Chain Costs

VIII.5 Performance Measurement

VIII.6 Evaluation of performance  in  Supply Chain Management 

VIII. 7 Design Strategy in Supply Chain Management 

VIII.8 Outsourcing

VIII.9 Design for Logistics

IX Mathematical Modelling in Logistics

IX.1 Applications of Network Optimization

IX.2 Formulating Transportation Problem

IX.3 Transshipment Problems

IX.4 Network Models

X Role of Information Technology in SCM

X.1 Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

X.2 Electronic Data Interchange

X.3 Bar Coding and Scanning

X.4 Data Warehouse

X.5 Internet

X.6 Intranet/Extranet

X.7 World Wide Web

X. 8 Decision Support Systems

X.9 Manufacturing Process systems

X.10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

X.11 Distribution on Requirements Planning (DRP)

X.12 Supply Chain Planning (SCP)


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