Certified Linux Administrator Table of Contents

Table of Content


Linux Introduction
  • Linux and OSS
  • Distributions and linux evolution
  • Software and hardware pre-requisites
  • Installation types and server roles
  • RPM installation and management
  • Programme source compile and installation
Linux core
  • File system components and management
  • Partition and volume management
  • Linux booting, init and rc scripts
  • System daemons (xinetd, inetd, rsyslogd and cron)
  • Kernel basics, building and patching
  • SysFS and proc
Shell scripting
  • Shell types and BASH shell
  • BASH shell variables, commands and scripting
  • Editors
  • User basics and management tools
  • Access permissions and PAM
  • TCP/IP and IPv6
  • Modules, network interface configuration and routes
  • Netfilter
  • SetUID, ps, df, ulimit and chroot
  • SELinux
  • Netstat and logging
  • Nmap. Snort, nessus and wireshark
LAN Services
  • NFS and NIS
  • Samba and LDAP
  • Printing
  • DHCP
  • Backups
Internet Services
  • DNS
  • FTP
  • HTTP and Apache Web Server
  • SMTP, POP and IMAP
  • SSH
Advanced Linux
  • Virtualization

Additional course videos: 30+ hrs

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