Certified Linux Administrator LAN Services

LAN Services

Various services in Linux are

Service Name Description Comments
adsl Internal ADSL switch control Use this only if you have an internal adsl switch for your internet connection.
arpwatch Ethernet ip address pairing monitor monitors and logs remote ip addresses with hostnames.
cups-lpd Enables older Linux and commercial Unix systems to connect to cups server Useful only if you have to allow older systems access to the printers
cups Common Unix Printing System A must have to enable printing
cvs Concurrent Versioning system For managing multi user documents.
dhcpd The DHCP server Is your network large enough that static IPs are a pain, then this will make it easier, giving you DHCP IP configuration for your network.
diald Smart auto dialer for dialup networking This service will connect to the network on demand, as in you type an email and hit send, it will connect you, send the email and disconnect you.
dm Display Manager The core of the x-server, required for using any GUI.
dnbc Digital Network Bind Chrooter This is a simple bash script that puts a BIND server in a chroot jail. Install BIND, launch the script, and restart named
drakxtools_https Miniserve administration server Distro specific tool for remote system administration
finger Remote access of data. This server will allow remote access of user login data, last login date and time. useful for monitoring employee work habits when you are not in the office, major breach of security, in that you are effectively publishing confidential company data online
heartbeat High Availability services This is intended to increase the priority of critical servers and services
hplip HP Linux Printing and Imaging Older version of HP supplied drivers for their all in one products
httpsd Apache Web server There are two reasons for this to be on a system, one is it is to be used as a Web server, the other it will be a Web site development machine. If neither is true, do not install Apache and this won't be here.
hylafax?server Enterprise Fax?modem service This works for class 1 and class 2 fax modems only. This must be running if you intend to use hylafax to send a fax through the modem. This is not the only fax tool available.
ibod ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand Useful with dialup networking, this will connect as needed to the network.
identd Identification through TCP connection  
imaps secure IMAP server  
imaps IMAP server  
iplog Logs TCP, UDP, ICMP connections with hostname of remote host Useful network monitoring tool.
ipop2 POP2 mail server  
ipop3 POP3 mail server  
ipsec Encrypted and Authenticated communications KLIPS is the kernel half, PLUTO is the user space half. very useful for remote access situations
iptables kernel based Packet Filtering firewall All good Linux firewalls are based on this service.
ipvsadmin Linux Kernel IP virtual server This is one of the oldest networking systems in Linux, not used very much any more.
leafnode NNTP service for X?INETD  
lisa LAN information server  
mandi Interactive Firewall Special service to allow for temporary wireless access to the system, will open the iptables firewall for current session only access for wireless devices, on user approval only, not automatically.
mdnsresponder Zeroconf DNS configuration tool  
mysqld MySQL server If you don't need this database, why turn it on?
named BIND server yes, the infamous name server.
network Networking This turns the network card on, or powers the modem.
nfs Network File Share This enables the clients to access NFS shares, it is required for the client machines in an NFS system.
nfsfs The Network File Share Server This should only be active on the network server
nfslock NFS file locking This should only be active if you are using NFS networking / file share functionality.
pg_autovacum PostgreSQL maintenance This will automatically run the vacuum needed by PostgreSQL to reduce disk space, pulling temp tables from the db as well as deleting temp files created by PostgreSQL.
pop3s Secure POP3 server SSL enabled POP3 server
portmap RPC support Support for those rare apps that use rpc.
Postgresql The Postgresql Database Engine You only need this if you are either running a postgresql db drives application or are developing one.
postfix email server asendmail compatible email server, newer than sendmail itself, becoming more commonly used than sendmail.
pptp Shutdown service for ppp A clean shutdown service for PPP tunnels, used when on ups to avoid lock file problems when power returns to the system.
prelude IDS Intrusion Detection system
rsync Remote Synchronization A server to enable remote synchronization of files in a specified directory tree. Commonly used for maintaining mirror sites, can also be used to keep company files current for backup purposes.
saned Network Scanner Service To provide access to your scanner from any workstation in the network.
shorwall Firewall A very good IPTables based firewall.
smartd Self Monitor Service For OS access to smart enabled devices, this will allow Linux to tell you if the device is starting to go bad, but relies on the device smart feature for accuracy.
smb Samba Network Services This provides the samba services to enable Windows network compatibility.
snmpd Simple Network management Protocol For use in a small [ home office ] network
sound Sound System This is the core of the Linux sound system, nice for desktops, a waste of resources on a server
squid Caching Tool Used to cache Web pages and DNS entries
ssh?xinetd OpenSSH server for x?inetd a run on demand version of OpenSSH
sshd OpenSSH server Only turn this on if you require SSH access to your system, and are not going to use the x?inetd version.
subversion Concurrent Versioning system New alternative to CVS
swat Samba Web Administration Tool Web based Samba administration
tmdns Multicast dns responder For use in zeroconf environments
upsd NUT daemon and drivers An uninterrupted power supply monitoring and reporting tool. This tool reports to a central site to generate a database on ups statistics.
upsmon Monitoring tool for UPS This will monitor the status of the ups, and shut the system down when it's running low.
vncserver Server for Virtual network computing Very useful for using VNC in projects.
Webmin Remote Administration tool Distro Agnostic Remote administration tool. Useful for when the machine will not be physically accessible at all times; such as Web server farm.
winbind Samba Name Server Required for samba networking to function. This maps user and group data from the windows network to the Linux workstation
wine Wine Is Not an Emulator This enables running MS Windows executables in Linux. WINE is a limited version of the commercial product Crossover Office.
x?inetd Server for monitoring and controlling other servers This is required service, and it actually reduces CPU load on a server. if you need SSH, ftp, etc but not all the time, the x?inetd version will start them on request, even remote request. This allows for them to be available, but frees the clock?cycles if they are only being used a few times a day / week.
xfs X Font Server If you are going to be running a GUI at any point in time, this will be required.
ypbind Name Server for Sun's YP server This is for GLIBC based NIS / YP networked systems.

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