Certified-Lean-Manufacturing-Professional Course Outline

Course Outline


Lean Basics

  • Understanding the need and factors for lean manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing

  • Describing the origins of lean from and Toyota Production System
  • Explaining waste elimination in lean manufacturing
  • Illustrating the various tools and techniques for eliminating waste

Value Stream Mapping

  • Explaining the basics of VSM or Value Stream Mapping
  • Describing the primary icons like truck, supplier, etc. and secondary icons


  • Detailing the 5S stages of Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke
  • Understanding the usage of 5S for waste elimination

Role of Kaizen

  • Describing the basics of kaizen and steps involved in kaizen
  • Elucidating the achieving of lean manufacturing by kaizen

Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

  • Explaining the basic concept of SMED
  • Understanding the need of orienting design for SMED
  • Describing the basics of strategic SMED and SMED for waste elimination

Kanban Card System

  • Illustrating the Kanban card control by single and two card Kanban system
  • Explaining the implementation procedure

One-Piece Flow Production System

  • Elucidating the one-piece flow production system for lean manufacturing
  • Describing the implementation process of one-piece flow production system

Visual Management

  • Understanding the basics of visual management and it’s usage for elimination
  • Explaining the implementation process of visual management

Total Productive Maintenance

  • Describing the TPM principles and it’s implementation

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing

  • Describing the process of preparing roadmap for implementation


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