Certified Joomla Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Understanding Content Management System (CMS) and evolution of Joomla
  • Explaining the various support facilities of Joomla
Install and Configure
  • Illustrating the steps to download, extract and upload Joomla to web server
  • Detailing the installation types and resource requirements of Joomla CMS
  • Describing the steps and options of Joomla installation
  • Explaining the implementation of file and folder permissions
  • Describing he process to configure users and global options to be applied
Content Customization
  • Understanding the Menus and logo configure
  • Detailing the customization of sections, categories, articles and menus
  • Illustrating the steps to modify existing templates of Joomla
  • Explaining the process of developing custom templates
Extending Joomla
  • Understanding the process of adding functionality and convenience by extending Joomla by components, modules and site plugins
Web Communities
  • Describing the implementation of various features of Joomla for web communities like newsfeeds, polls, article ratings, forums and discussion board
Photo Gallery
  • Detailing need of photo gallery and various photo gallery extensions for Joomla
  • Illustrating the FTP configuration for implementing photo gallery
  • Describing the popular phoca and gallery2 extensions for photo gallery in Joomla
  • Explaining the control panel options for administering the Joomla CMS
  • Describing the template manager for customizing and selecting templates
  • Detailing the language manager for multilingual support in Joomla
  • Understanding content administration in Joomla for customizing sections, articles, categories and media
  • Illustrating the backup and restore procedure for Joomla
  • Describing the implementation of security in Joomla CMS
  • Understanding the need of web and usage of google analytics for traffic analysis
  • Explaining the usage of various log analysis software for site statistics
  • Illustrating the different joomla extensions for analytics
  • Describing process of making Joomla site SEO friendly by customizing sitemaps, breadcrumbs, meta descriptions and keywords
  • Detailing the implementation of various SEO techniques like keyword-enrichment, linking strategy, etc.
  • Understanding the various e-commerce software and extensions for Joomla CMS
  • Explaining the web site configuration for supporting e-commerce activity
  • Describing the concept and implementation of authentication for e-commerce

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