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Certified J2ME Programmer Table of contents

Table of Contents


  • J2ME evolution
  • Configuration, Profile and MIDP
  • IDEs, emulator and Ant
  • Compiling MIDlets and emulators
  • Security and packaging
User Interface
  • Cross platform and custom UI
  • Tickers
  • Screens (textbox, alerts and lists)
  • Forms
  • Items and custom items
  • Record and record store management
  • File system and FileConnection API
  • FileSystemRegistry methods
  • PIM package and API
  • Connection framework
  • Networking and TCP/IP connection
  • WMA API and application
  • Bluetooth API and OBEX
  • Canvas class
  • Text, Images and animation
  • Transitions and Keyboard events
  • Game API and 3D graphics
  • Mobile Media API
  • Optimizing
  • Packaging

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