Certified J2ME Programmer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • The history and evolution of J2ME
  • Explaining CDC and CLDC configuration and MIDP profile
  • Enlisting various IDEs and emulator for J2ME and the Ant build tool
  • Describing the steps of compiling an MIDlet and it’s various emulators
  • Illustrating packaging and security of MIDlet
User Interface
  • UI implementation through cross platform UI or device specific UI
  • Scrolling text implementation via tickers
  • Describing the usage of various screens like textbox, alerts and lists
  • Illustrating creation of forms and managing items in it
  • Detailing the item class and custom item implementation in J2ME
  • Implementing persistent storage through record and management of record store
  • Explaining the handling of file system and usage of FileConnection API in J2ME
  • Elucidating the usage of various FileSystemRegistry methods
  • Describing the methods of accessing PIM API and usage of PIM package
  • Illustrating the basics of generic connection framework in J2ME
  • Steps for accessing networking through TCP/IP
  • Describing the usage of Wireless Messaging API and its application
  • Explaining the various methods of bluetooth API and usage of OBEX
  • Using canvas class for custom UI
  • Techniques for display of text, images and animation in J2ME
  • Implementing transitions and keyboard events
  • Detailing game API and 3D graphics
  • Using the mobile media API for sound, music and video
  • Diagnosing errors and optimizing memory and execution speed
  • Illustrating the packaging and implementing security in the J2ME application

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