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Electricity versus Electronics

Electric has to do with the general concept of electricity. It is generally acceptable to use the terms electric and electrical interchangeably. Essentially, the word "electric" will function as a way of qualifying the flow of electricity as it relates to a specific event. For example, if a fire starts due to a problem with wiring in a building, the event can be described as an electric or electrical fire, caused by the electric or electrical wiring. The use of electric identifies a source of power that serves to create a logical effect when conducted through a process or device.

In contrast, electronic is a term that is descriptive of devices that are powered by electricity. An electronic device is often constructed using one or more electric elements that make it possible to manage the flow of electricity into the device. A television is a good example, since it is partially composed of a series of individual electric components that help to conduct the flow of electricity. In like manner, desktop and laptop computers are electronic in nature. Handheld devices such as cell phones are also electronic, while operating with the use of an electric component – a battery.

Though Electricity as all know 'as the flow of Electrons'and deals with the generation of electricity by different means like hydel, Thermal, tidal, With solar power, Tidal energy etc etc different means. The use if this electricity produced is used for various purposes directly as in Electrical motors, Fans, Vacuum cleaners, Incandescent lamps, Submersible motors, etc.

It uses electrical measuring instruments like Ammeters, voltmeters , frequency meters, Wattage or Energy meters etc.

But Electronics Engineering, though it is a child of the Electrical engineering, is treated or termed as a different Branch. It is the science dealing with the development and application of devices and systems involving the flow of electrons in a vacuum, in gaseous media, and in semiconductors.  

Vacuum tubes, and the Radios or computers that use the vacuum tubes ( in olden times they were used) , the TVs , Computers, Microwave owens, The Electronic Monitoring units in ICUs we see like Pulse monitors, BP monitors, ECG, Encephelograph, X Ray unis , Laser Units etc that use Electrons in some form are all called Electronic Engineering Units.

Computers, its related applications like SAP, GRAPHICS,,AND many other applications are included in electronics engineering only but not Electrical engineering.

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