Certified iPhone Apps Developer Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Explaining the history and evolution of iPhone platform and App store
  • Describing the various elements and framework of the SDK
  • Details on IDE and simulator for iPhone apps development
Single view Application
  • Illustrating the underlying workings of outlet and action in iPhone SDK
  • Explaining the view controller and steps for connecting them with outlet and action
User Interface
  • Explaining different view libraries to display images, alerts, buttons and web content
  • Describing the tree structure of view hierarchy in iPhone SDK
  • Illustrating the steps for switching between different view using the SDK
  • Utilizing keyboard inputs using the SDK
  • Explaining the different screen orientation, events and their response by views
Multi view Application
  • Describing windows based view and navigation applications in iPhone SDK
  • Illustrating development of tab bar application for iPhone SDK
  • Explaining creation of utility application using the SDK
Data View
  • Developing table view by using the iPhone SDK
  • Illustrating techniques to store, access and reset application preferences
  • Explaining the usage of SQLite 3, file storage and data persistence in iPhone
  • Illustrating and implementing multi touch in iPhone
  • Steps to implement animations and transitions using the SDK
  • Describing the process of accessing and using location based service
  • Accessing and using the camera, SMS and Shake API

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