Course Outline




  • Explaining the concept, objectives, general structure and elements of logistics
  • Understanding the various forms of logistics management
  • Illustrating the different type of costs in logistics
  • Describing the development and chain of international trade logistics
  • Elucidating both inbound and outbound functions of international logistics
  • Understanding the logistics trade requirement and P’s and R’s of logistics management with the role of logistics management in export business
  • Describing the international commercial terms and documentation for export


  • Describing the various modes of transportation and transportation management
  • Illustrating the relation of communication and transport and transport energy and the environment

Surface Transport

  • Understanding various surface transport related laws like Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Central Motor Vehicle rules 1989, Carriers Act 1865 and Railways Act 1989

Sea Transport

  • Illustrating different ocean shipping methods and formalities of shipping
  • Explaining the concept of stowage, types of ships and shipping intermediaries
  • Describing the basics of important sea routes, major ports of India and SCI
  • Understanding the major port trusts act, 1963
  • Detailing the role of International Chamber Of Shipping and Indian National Ship Owners’ Association

Ocean Freight Rates

  • Detailing the freight rate principles and types of freight rates
  • Understanding the freight surcharges and rebates and liner freight rebate system
  • Describing the concepts of baltic freight index and contract of affreightment
  • Explaining the basics of freight brokers and freight forwarders
  • Illustrate the techniques for freight rate calculation



  • Explaining the need for classification of containers
  • Describing the arrangement of containers and sizes of container (dimension and capacity)
  • Detailing the need of packaging of cargo in container
  • Understanding the precaution and safety of cargo on container
  • Illustrating the movement of containers and safety measures of container ships
  • Elucidating the basics of container leasing and markings on containers
  • Explaining the nuances of precaution and safety of cargo on container
  • Highlighting the recent trends of Coltainer and Cargosprinter


Inland Container Depots (ICD) and Container Freight Stations (CFS)

  • Describing the role and functions of ICD and prerequisite for successful ICD/CFS
  • Explaining the procedure for approval and implementation
  • Detailing the process of export and import clearance at ICD
  • Understanding the role of CONCOR


Airline Transport

  • Understanding the need of infrastructure for air transportation
  • Explaining the role of international air transport and benefits of airfreight
  • Describing the classifications of airports and types of aircraft
  • Detailing  the concept of unit load devices and dimensions of aircraft
  • Illustrating  the role of air cargo industry
  • Highlighting the role of the TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association)
  • Detailing  the methods and steps of air freight calculations


International Logistics for Export Product Movement

  • Describing  the international transaction channel activities and international distribution channel
  • Understanding  the movement of goods through the distribution channel
  • Describing  the process of transportation of hazardous materials


Integrated Logistics

  • Illustrating  the concepts and need of warehouse management



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