Certified Inbound Marketing Professional Table of Content

Table of Content


1. Engagement Magnets: A way to multiply results from existing reach

  • Introduction to Engagement Magnets
  • Content based engagement magnets: guides, case studies, webinars
  • Tool based engagement magnets: audits, strategy toolkits, worksheets

2. Audience Aggregation for Demand Generation

  • Importance of Audience Aggregation
  • Using Email lists for Audience Aggregation
  • Marketing patterns to grow email lists

3. Conversion Optimization

  • Understanding the buyer’s psyche
  • Designing user flows across your website, emails and other touchpoints
  • The framework for online persuasion for lead generation & sales
  • Visualizing micro funnels to track buyers through the purchase process
  • Landing page optimization & A/B testing

4. Lifecycle Emails & Lead Nurturing

  • Identifying stages in buyer’s lifecycle to make leads sales-ready
  • Designing lifecycle emails & website customizations
  • Drip email marketing for lead nurturing

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