Certified Human Resources Manager Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. All of the following are phases of career development except

A. Performance Phase

B. Direction Phase

C. Assessment Phase

D. Development Phase


2. Performance Appraisal is a primary HRM process that links employees and organizations and provides input for other processes through these means

A. Identification, Measurement, Management

B. Assessment, Direction, Development

C. Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding

D. Skill, Effort, Responsibility


3. Total compensation is all forms of direct and indirect compensation paid or provided to the employee in recognition of employment status and performance. All of the following are forms of direct compensation except

A. Base Pay

B. Variable Pay

C. Statutory Benefits

D. Stock Benefits


4. Groups can be rewarded in a Pay for Performance plan in all of the following ways except

A. Gainsharing

B. Bonus

C. Awards

D. Merit


5. Benefits that are required by law to provide to all employees are called

A. Medical Benefits

B. Direct Benefits

C. Indirect Benefits

D. Statutory Benefits

Answers: 1(A), 2(A), 3(C), 4(D), 5(D)

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