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Spam-Proofing E-Mail Links

Techniques to create a SPAM proof website:

  • Using JavaScript to E-mail Addresses:

Create A Spam-Proof Mailto Link
This snippet of JavaScript creates a clickable link that launches the visitor’s email application,
assuming that their system is configured to work with “mailto:” hyperlinks. You can replace the
link text with your own message, but see example 2 if you want to display your email address as
the link text.


A Spam-Proof Mailto Link That Shows Your eMail Address

  • Displaying Email Address Without A Mailto Link:

Here’s a snippet that displays your email address without a clickable link:

  • Using A Contact Form:

Hiding The Email Address in a Form Field:

May be there are several ways to the same job but these are for nowise and beginners, I hope you enjoyed this article, please let me know your comments and suggestions in the below section.

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