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Image Maps

In HTML, an image map is a list of coordinates relating to a specific image, created in order to hyperlink areas of the image to various destinations (as opposed to a normal image link, in which the entire area of the image links to a single destination). For example, a map of the world may have each country hyperlinked to further information about that country. The intention of an image map is to provide an easy way of linking various parts of an image without dividing the image into separate image files.

In HTML an imagemap is made of the actual image, that is embedded with the -Tag. The image gets simultaneously the attribute usemap.

The imagemap comprise -Tag and in the detail of the -tags, which defines the fields with the weblinks. These are similar to the -Tag defining which URL should be opened.

Following code defines a rectangular area (9,372,66,397) with a link to the English Wikipedia:

image alternative text

  area alternative text


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