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Embed video in HTML by

For the tag, few attributes are included within the tag itself.

The rest of the attributes are to be included using a special tag as the content of the element i.e. between the opening tag and the closing tag.

is an empty element of the form and is used to set attributes to the element.

For the element all the attributes are defined within the opening tag itself.


Required Attributes for Video     
The following attributes are be used within the object and/or embed tags when adding a Flash movie to an HTML page:
• WIDTH and HEIGHT for the flash movie


Can be specified either in pixels or as a percentage of the parent element holding this element.
• ACTIVEX CONTROL to be used by the browser


This attribute enables the browser to identify the ActiveX control required to play the movie. In the absence of this the browser uses the data in the movie file header or the file name extension to decide on the ACTIVEX control to be used.
• CODEBASE/PLUGINSPACE : location of the flash player SOFTWARE for download if needed

    ... >

This attribute specifies the location of the Flash Player ActiveX control so that the browser can automatically download it if it is not already installed.

Internet Explorer on Windows will prompt the user with a dialog asking if they would like to auto-install the software for the Control. On choosing yes, the software would be automatically downloaded and installed.

Once installation is complete, the browser can make use of the Activex Control without having to restart the browser.


This attribute specifies the location of the Flash Player plug-in so that the user can download it if it is not already installed.

The user would then need to download and install the program. To make the browser use the plugin program, it needs to be restarted.

    ... ...

This attribute specifies the URI of the movie to be loaded.

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