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Linking in same web site

Linking to pages in same website can be done by

Local Links:
A Local link uses a page name (including sub-directories if needed) as the target. It is “local” to the current server.

Click here to go to the local page

Internal Links
Internal links can also be called page jump, u can make this jump with two simple steps

First step:
assign the place of the page where u want the pointer to move, and bookmark it by adding this cod in it

u will need the “ur bookmark name” in the next step.

Second step:
u need to add a link in anyplace in ur page to let the user move to ur bookmark point from it

Add the text to be displayed and clicked by the user

The A stands for Anchor. In general, the anchor tag tells the browser to anchor or to attach to something else. Every Anchor tag must have a closing or end tag () to signal the end of the anchor. HREF stands for Hypertext REFerence. It means that “this is where the link is going to.

lets add a link to move the user to the top of the current page

first step: we add the bookmark code at the top of the page

second step: add the link anywhere in ur page
click here to go to the top of this page

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