Certified Hedge Fund Manager Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Introduction to Hedge Fund

  • Equity Funds
  • Arbitrage Funds
  • Directional Funds
  • Event-Driven Approach

Player and Participants

  • Description about Players in the Market


  • Outlook
  • Structured Products
  • Multi-Strategy Vs Funds-of-Funds

Regulations of Hedge Funds

  • Supervision Approach
  • Structure of Hedge Funds
  • Primary Brokers
  • Risk Management

Pros and Cons of Hedge Funds

  • Role of Hedge Funds
  • Investor Return
  • Bell Curve of Returns

Future of Hedge Funds

  • Consolidation
  • 130-130 Funds
  • Permanent/Fixed Capital
  • Fees and Cloning
  • Strategies for Future
  • Growth opportunities

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