Certified Hedge Fund Manager Course Outline

Course Outline


Introduction to Hedge Fund
  • Explains the concept of equity long-short fund strategy
  • Explains the technique ‘Market Neutral’ – one of the purest form of hedge fund investment relying entirely on managerial skills
  • Illustrate the problems faced by short-sellers
  • Explains the concept of arbitrage funds with an aim to exploit the anomalies in the mispricing of two or more securities
  • Describes the types of arbitrage funds – convertible arbitrage, statistical arbitrage and fixed income arbitrage
  • Explains the concept of directional funds managed by global macro managers and futures or commodity trading advisers
  • Explains the Event-Driven approach using distressed debt, merger arbitrage, activist funds and multi-strategy funds
Player and Participants
  • Illustrated different players in the capital market
  • Explains the concept of fund-of-fund manager and the factors influencing thereby such as time & expertise to analyse a range of funds and the comfort blanket a fund-of-fund manager provides.
  • Illustrates the process of how funds pick managers
  • Explains the process of safe hedge fund investment in structured products and their drawbacks
  • Explains the services offered by Multi-Strategy funds against Funds-of-Funds
Regulations of Hedge Funds
  • Explains the different approaches to supervision of industry in different countries
  • Describes the tax and regulation structure that hedge funds adopt to get around the rules
  • Explains the key intermediaries and people that act as eyes and ears of the hedge funds industry also called Primary Brokers
  • Explain the process of managing different types risks arising in hedge funds – Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Counterparty Risk and Operational Risk
Pros and Cons of Hedge Funds
  • Explains the role of hedge funds in society
  • Explains the hedge funds and recognizing risk involved to generate returns
  • Explains the return that investor yield aligned with the interest of manager and investor
  • Explains the Bell Curve of Returns
Future of Hedge Funds
  • Explain the process of consolidation of industry and the power associated with the fund managers
  • Explains 130-130 funds used by managers to produce strategies to produce half way house between two hedge funds
  • Describes the process of acquiring Permanent/Fixed capital – By floating the fund management company itself or by floating specific funds on stock exchange
  • Explains the concept of cloning and the returns generated from highly liquid market such that the cost of trading is low
  • Describes the strategies for future and growth opportunities

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